Slow Living

In a world that moves at an ever-increasing pace, where technology races forward and schedules become tightly packed, the concept of slow living has emerged as a respite for the soul. However, slow living isn't always about abandoning modern life or retreating to a rural homestead; it's about finding beauty in the everyday that God created for us to discover.

As a highly sensitive person who also has a full time job as a marketing director, I try to find balance in my off hours as an artist dedicated to creating meaningful things with my hands.

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At the heart of the slow living movement is the desire to savor life's simple pleasures. It's about noticing the small details that often escape our attention in the hustle of daily life. I find inspiration in the overlooked moments and the secondhand treasures that most people pass by.

Take a moment to appreciate the dance of sunlight filtering through leaves, the soothing rhythm of raindrops on a window, or the imperfect patina of well-worn vintage treasure. I want to encourage you to be present in these moments, to notice the beauty in the ordinary.

This type of "noticing" requires you to make a conscious choice to banish hurry from your mind.

Observation is the cornerstone of the creative process, and to do it well requires a mind free from busy-ness and distraction. Each piece I craft is my attempt to practice noticing and an opportunity to delight in a love of old things. It's a chance to make items that carry a sense of meaning.

In a society driven by disposable goods, handmade and repurposed items stand as a counterpoint—a reminder that some things are worth the extra effort. The unhurried philosophy is about the peace that comes from quiet observation and the reward of patiently waiting for something special. I hope to inspire a shift in perspective—a realization that the slowing down and noticing of beauty is a necessity for the soul.

As you navigate the rush of modern life, consider embracing the art of noticing.

Notice the beauty of God's creation every single day, surround yourself with thoughtfully crafted goods, and contribute intentionally to a world that often moves too quickly. In doing so, you may find that the truest beauty is found in the deliberate, the thoughtful, and the unhurried.