I am a creative - a designer... a collector of small sparkly treasures, a hoarder of antiques and salvaged finds.

I'm also highly sensitive, introverted, and a slow living advocate.

I grew up in semi-rural Oregon. I had 3 horses of my own and spent a lot of time outside. Horses, 4H and art were a big part of who I was growing up.

I’ve followed an artistic path my whole career - over the last 30 years, I’ve built a successful design business, design teaching business, and I currently work as a director of marketing.

Finding an unhurried balance.

I'm currently exploring how to live an unhurried and "artful" life while working a full time corporate job. Much of finding that "balance" involves getting creative offline.

Patiently curated. Thoughtfully crafted.

My style has evolved over the years to include a love and appreciation for anything "imperfected" with age.

The pieces I find speak to me - I create timeless pieces that do not follow trends. I love it when items I’ve patiently curated over the years come together to create something completely unique.

Christine Marie Studio is a unique jewelry line that combines my love for time-worn treasures and the delight I feel wearing something that no one else has.

I enjoy challenging myself in a design capacity that allows me to work with my hands.

More than that, I love sharing my creativity with you.